Monday, January 17, 2011

Sheetrock, screws and mud

Well, I haven't gotten any sewing or crafting done the last few days but I have worked on a few walls.  My mother and father-in-law came up this past Thursday morning (they got here about 9am so they left their house about 5am!) and we worked on putting up sheetrock in our addition area.  It's not a true addition because the roof-line was already there because the previous owners had a screened-in porch.  We are turning it into a mudroom, laundry room and added space to the kitchen and dining room area.
Our house is a traditional ranch with an unusual basement so the living room is open to the dining room which is open to the kitchen.  :)
My new favorite tool is a sheetrock lift/jack!!  My MIL and I were able to put some sheets up by ourselves because this thing did the heavy lifting!!  We rented it for a couple days and saved ourselves a lot of pain!
Anyway, tomorrow should be back to normal with housework, sewing and crafting!! (and not necessarily in that order!! LOL)
Also, earlier in the week I helped my husband with insulation and wiring for those areas so it's been almost a week of "housework"!! Haha! 
Anyway, here are some pictures of the work.  You will have to overlook my appearance, I don't look good with a bandanna on my head but after washing my hair 3 times to get the sheetrock dust out of it, I didn't care!!
Behind my DH, you can see the sheetrock lift, if you need to put sheetrock on a ceiling it is definitely worth it!!

My FIL working on the vent.

My MIL with the second favorite tool of the week - my dremel!!  It was great cutting out outlet boxes and circles for the vents!  I got it last year as part of my birthday present from my DH (the other part was a sledgehammer!!).

Me screwing in the last piece of sheetrock on the ceiling. Again, ignore mt appearance.

The added dining room area and on the other side will be the mud/bathroom.

The added kitchen area and behind it is the laundry room.  We weren't able to sheetrock all of those areas because of plumbing that needs to be done first.  I am extremely excited about all of the areas but my favorite is the added kitchen area.  It will double the size of my kitchen.  :)  Also, having the washer and dryer out of the basement will be nice!

Well, have a lovely and blessed Sunday!

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  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I left the following comment back for you:

    "Lee Ann--I am truly touched by your comment. It is comments like these that keep me blogging. I have come to a lot of stark realizations in our journey (and I'm sure they aren't over!) and I do hope to share those so that others know they aren't alone.

    I hope you get some more helpful info from this series as well as the rest of my blog. Don't worry--you can do this! Best of luck!"

    Looks like you're (becoming?) quite the handywoman. I plan on sticking around here to see the finished product!