Monday, January 24, 2011

A Bit More Birthday

Well, the weekend is gone and we have rested most of the Sunday.  Our little friend that turned 3 this week had her tinkerbell unfluenced birthday dinner Saturday night.  She is too cute!  She got pink cowboy boots!!  We have her some bubbles and a denim purse I made her with her initial on it.
I took the end of the leg of a pair of blue jeans and made it into a purse!  I think it's cute!  This was something I came up with and wanted to try out.
I first cut off the end of the leg (you could use any portion of the leg ) because I wanted the hem as the bottom of the purse.

Then I took my lining fabric and cut it to match the denim and seamed it on 3 (or 3 if you fold it) sides.  I did decide to double stitch the sides so it would be some sturdier.
You will need to make your strap next.  I had some cute ribbon that I wanted to use so I stitched it to some twill tape and used it for the strap. 

You will need to embellish the denim part however you would like before you sew in the lining and strap.  I used my Cricut to cut out a J and ironed it onto the outside of the denim and then did a blanket stitch around it so it would stay put.  I used wonder under with my material to make it stiffer for use in my Cricut and attaching it.  It worked pretty well but I think there is something that might work better according to a friend but I am not sure. 

Also you will want to take into account the type of closure you use.  I used a magnetic snap and didn't allow quite enough room between it and the edge.  You can see a little dip in the topstitch if you look for it.
I sewed the liner and strap with double seams to make sure they stay put.   I also left the bottom of the purse (the hem) open until the last step so I could easily turn it inside out and back.
Then I just turned it right side out and topstitched around the top to keep it in place.  Lastly, I put a seam across the bottom of the purse (twice) to finish it up.  :)  I think it would have been easier (of course, hindsight 20-20!) to have used the jean leg sideways instead of vertical because it would have been easier to embellish. 

I then made a birthday card for her with a cake on the front.  I have to admit, I am loving my Cricut Expression!!  Especially with the Make the Cut sofware!!  You don't have to buy all the cartridges (of course you can get some if you want! especially if they are on sale!) because you can find a lot of file online.  Many people are creating SVG and MTC files to be used for this purpose.  Some are free but there a lot to buy also.

Well, have a happy and blessed Monday!!  I am off to kitchen duty and then working on a dress for a cute little girl.


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  1. Hey Lee Ann - Thanks for dropping in to check out my Kitchen Before and After pics! Lots of sweat and tears...especially considering the 90 degree weather and no AC!! Your blog is super! You have motivated me to break out the sewing machine...what to do first?! Take care! Bianca

  2. That little purse is just too cute! Thanks for your sweet comment. Sometimes those little treasures from our grandparents make the best pieces! My white curtains in my kitchen came from my grandma and I will never put up another set!