Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Latest vinyl project . . LOL

Previously, I have mentioned that my MIL is a sign-maker.  This is an example of one thing she does in her business.  This picture is my MIL and FIL going over the letters after we have put them on.  I helped them, along with another friend - Ruthie, put the letters on two trailers this week while I was in South Georgia.
I was there because our dear friend JR Oliver had a massie stroke.  He is the best friend of my FIL and his wife is my MIL's best friend.  I was there to support them in any way I could.
I have a wonderful family and I include my in-laws as family same as blood family.  They are amazing people.  I don't talk about my parents as much because they wouldn't like being "on the internet."   They are awesome though!
The above picture shows how I was introduced to vinyl, (this and smaller signs!)  I thought all of you would appreciate it!


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  1. Hey I sent you a FB message about the plate! Since you have the vinyl hookup go for it!