Monday, February 28, 2011

Photog Me

Well, I had intended to post tonight about my really cute soap dispenser that I upcycled thanks to the inspiration of A Love to Create and her post about decorative plates but then I came outside and sat on our newly finished deck and took some pictures. 
A little history on the day.
My husband has been sick since Wednesday night and he hasn't been this sick since he was a child with the chicken pox.  I have had a hard time being inside in this pretty weather so this morning after he went back to bed (with the help of nyquil because he won't agree to the doctor) I went outside to walk around and take pictures.
I have loved taking pictures since I was a teenager and using my cousin and his wife's new camera at Alabama's big outdoor concert in well, Alabama.  I got a Rebel EOS film edition when I was about 24 and then later I got the DSLR and I still use it today.  It is several years old but it works great.
So I have done pictures for different friends of their children and a wedding.  Also a few family pictures here and there.  Hopefully, once we get the house at a point to stop for awhile, I can pursue this along with my sewing and crafting.  I really enjoy it. A lot.
So here are some of the pics I have taken today.  Hope you enjoy them.


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