Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Blog Update and Renewal

Even though we still have a good 3 months of work on the house, I am resolving to get back to my blogging.  I really enjoy it and have learned so much from other.  SO I am going to start with the title of my blog, it will be Markham Made because I do a lot of different things and it covers anything my little o' brain can conjure up.  A few weeks ago I designed a few different logos and got some opinions and I think this is the most liked one:

I think it is my favorite so far, although there is another with swirls that is appealing to me.  Any hoo, this will be the start of a redesign.  :)  There will probably be a good mix of whatever project I happen to be on, our little family and what we have done with our house.  I am going to try to make a schedule for certain days to help me keep up.  So just like Shelby and Briggs, look for fun things to come!

Smiles and waggy tails,
Lee Ann