Thursday, February 17, 2011


I am so excited because I don't usually win anything I enter.  BUT I did this time!! I entered the fleece contest at my local Hancock's (which I love! Those ladies are awesome!), and I won second place!!  Yippee!!  I entered my fleece chullo hat I posted a few weeks ago:

I had looked for a fleece version of the chullo or a pattern for it and couldn't find one online so I came up with my own pattern from another one.

The really fun part (besides winning! is the prize - $50 gift card to Hancock's!!  Fun stuff ahead!!

Well, Have a great day and I will settle down a little bit!!  I have to get ready for family coming this weekend.  We have more sheetrock, plumbing, and windows on the to-do list.  Oh and a set of steps and a landing.

Lee Ann


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  2. In response to your question on my blog..did you prime it first? If you are spray painting something smOoth like glass then it needs something to "hold" onto. The other thong is that you may not have waited long enough between coats

    Ps you should link ip your email address to your blogger account so we can repond directly to your comment. :)

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