Wednesday, February 23, 2011

WIP Wednesday of a different sort

This week my WIP list will be a little different.  There is only one sewing item  on it and it is a garbage bag for a friend's car.

The rest of my list involves working on the house (see posts Deck 201 and Housework of a different breed).

We are working on
1. finishing the sheetrock in the new area and this is also finishing the outside door.
2. plumbing for utility sink and washing machine in laundry room
3. plumbing for sink and toilet in mudroom.
4. possible shower in mudroom
5. finish retaining walls uner deck
6. stain or paint deck (figure out which will work better)
7. treat ground or termites and treat wood with a preservative (it is already treated but it will be buried so trying to be extra cautious)
8. work on door to under house because it will be a root cellar one day soon
9. figure out how to mount post finials with solar lights (we ended up with a flat board so it won't go directly on the post)
10. move the dining room light to center the table

We have completed

Woo hoo!

Well, have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!!!


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  1. Wow, that is quite a list! We did major remodeling on our house when we first moved in–I am so glad it's now behind us. : ) Good luck, and thanks for linking up!