Sunday, February 20, 2011

Housework of a different breed

Well, this week will be filled with "housework."  Not the usual sweeping, mopping (which I now call sharking), and washing dishes; but the sheetrock hanging, deck building and plumbing variety.

My in-laws are visiting to help us with some of these projects.  Yes, I have the most amazing mother and father-in-law!!   I also have a pretty great little brother (in-law) now!  I always wanted one growing up!  The sheetrock is on hold until we can figure out some of the plumbing.  Apparently you can't just put things where you want to, even if it makes the best use of room!  There is this thing called "the code" you must follow, and I am not talking morse here!  Although, it makes about the same about of sense to me.

So we are building the deck outside of the new side door because it is about 6 feet off of the ground and the bank says we have to have steps or something, with a rail, outside of the door.  Yesterday we got the footings dug and the frame built.  Today, we hope to set the posts and maybe put up a couple of floor joists between church services.  Tonight we are going to a homeless shelter an providing dinner and a message (the whole church not just me and J).


So if you have worked on any major projects, you know half of your time is spent figuring out what you need to do!!  This is that time caught on film.  They were debating where to put the board to attach the deck to the house.  The issue is the door.  It is not completely set, so the decision was made to remove the door. (It will be put back, soon.  I think)

Cutting and measuring and oh measure that again!!

We are mixing and pouring the concrete for the footings for the posts we hope to set today. One of my favorite tools is the concrete mixer attachment for my drill!! (This is not my drill but an older one my DH has)  We have mixed paint, sheetrock mud and concrete with it!!

At the end of the day, here is our progress.  We did put some plastic up over the door!  The mosquitos are already making an appearance here in the South.

Pray for us and I hope you have a blessed week!

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  1. Great job on the deck, we've built a few on our homes, and they are hard work!
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