Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Deck 201

Well, we finished the deck and the majority of our retaining walls yesterday.  We will continue on the retaining walls and trying to figure out how to paint or stain the boards.  We used reclaimed wood so it has a lot of stains and/or marks on it.
There has been a lot of digging and my digger is so out of shape it isn't funny!  But it is getting better!
We built a wall under the deck on the house side because we needed to underpin the house addition.  I know it looks a little odd to have all the open space go to closed in space but that is why we did it.  Oh and the bank said so.
Here are a few shots of what we have done.
At the stopping point Sunday

Hole number 347589046

First retaining wall section

At the end of Tuesday

It's Briggs approved!!  :)
 So until the next installment of deck building with the in-laws, have a wonderfully blessed Wednesdsay!


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