Wednesday, December 22, 2010

WIP Wedneday

Well I don't have much time so I will have to make today's post short.  We are packing to go to my husband's parents for Christmas and waiting on the inspector to come and pass our electrical upgrade. 

Completed items:
1.  I have been working on my husband's Christmas present, which is a camoflage vest.  This is the first garment I have made without the assistance of anyone else.  There are places for improvement, but I am very thrilled with it.

2.  Chullo hats for myself and a couple of friends.  You can look at the previous post and see one of them.

3.  Fleece toboggan for our neighbor Mr. Leo.  He is awesome and works nonstop outside with his cattle so I thought it would help keep him warm.

4. An Auburn scarf for a friend of mine.  She graduated from there, so no she is not a recent bandwagon fan.

5.  A second card holder ornament for our preacher and his wife.

In Progess:
1.  A stocking for a friend in South Georgia with cardinals on it.  His late wife loved cardinals and all of us think of her when we see them.  She was one of our prayer warriors and she is greatly missed.  I hope this is a pleasant reminder for him.

2.  A baby changing pad for our best friends.  This is one that is similar to one they have just bigger since their little girl is too long for the other one.

3.  A fleece hat for my father-in-law.  He is a postal carrier and walks a lot of his route so, hopefully it will help keep him warm.

4.  Coffee cozies for a couple of friends.

5.  Our Christmas pajamas.  I am afraid these are not going to get done for this year.  But, hey, I have a jump on next year!!

Not started:
1.  A fleece hat (toboggan style) for a friend at church.  He picked the fabric so I am pretty sure he will like it.

2.  A fleece chullo hat for another friend at church.  She didn't pick the fabric, but the before-mentioned friend thought she will like what I picked.

3.  A backpack purse for a friend having twins.  She doesn't like diaper bags so I thought she might like this instead!

4.  Another purse that I have the material for but have not started.

5.  Also, I think I will try to make a lap quilt as my first quilt.  :)  I am sure it will be scrappy!

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  1. Wow, that's some list! Your completed items all look great