Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Stockings

Well, I saw a video tutorial on YouTube by Missouri Star Quit Co. (click on their name to see it.),and I decided to give it a try.  I have never quilted anything so I thought it would be a good first thing to do!

First I used one of my dog stockings to make a paper pattern and then began putting my pieces together to quilt the top of the stocking.

I used my ruler and chalk to mark diagonal lines 2 in apart to follow for quilting the top together.  It was fun to do and made it easier for me since I am not good at a straight line yet!

I used a yellow fabris I had that had a little shine element to it for the back of the stocking.  I like the contrast with the pattern on the front.  Which after I turned the stocking inside out, I realized my birds were sideways!! LOL

Probably the hardest thing about the stocking was the material I used for the cuff - satin.  It was so slippery inside the stocking before I turned it out.  I did learn to pin it in place all the way around and then sew it in.  But all in all I think it turned out well.  :)

I did learn a few things from this project.  First, be careful of thread you are given or that you inherit.  It can dryrot and will cause you tenasion problems.  The first stocking I made, I used some dark green thread that was in my grandmother's sewing box.  She passed away a little ove a year ago and I got her sewing supplies.  She had been in the nursing home for a few years and the thread has been there even longer.  I threw the thread away after about an hour of messing with it trying to figure out what was happening and then calling my mom!
Also, pinning the satin in place with lots of pins! 

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