Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Older (first on new machine) projects

Well, my first project with my new sewing machine was an apron with some blue gingham fabric I had bought on a trip to Hancock's.  I did use a pattern I had gotten on one the 99 cent sale days and I love it!  My husband is a huge fan of gingham because he (as well as me) is old-fashioned so he loved it as well.  :)

Here is the completed apron: 

 You can also see my new Singer behind it!  I love it!!  :)

I also mended my husband's tool belt which is a heavy suede and made cushions for our dogs' beds out of a vinyl-like material.  I am not sure what it truly is because it is actually golf cart seat material.

So these were my first projects on my new machine from a couple of weeks ago.

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