Monday, March 21, 2011

Recent "Housework" :)

We have been working around the deck area to fill in in front of the retaining walls and have a step at the front of our deck.  Of course, when we needed to start moving dirt, the truck was full of wood from the recent construction of the deck and wood siding.

Step 1: unload wood from truck and stack neatly in the chicken house.
(Yes, I said chicken house!  Our property used to have an active production laying house, not it serves as storage for us.)
Don't miss the 12x12 post!  It will become the post in the center of our kitchen one day in the future.  It is from a tree that my husband's parents cut down from their yard in South Georgia.

Step 2: Fill truck with dirt from pile that was removed from under the carport turned screened in porch that is now the addition to our house.  (Is that a real sentence? Not sure, but you get the picture.)

Step 3: unload dirt to fill in front of retaining walls.

Rinse and repeat steps 2 and 3 about 9 more times!!  I am about dug out!  I have dug some during the day while my husband is at work, then we have dug together once he gets home, and he has dug some once I gave out and sat on the deck and watched.  No, seriously I did sit and watch him.  I felt guilty at first but that didn't last long.  I was too tired!

During the dirt transfer, we also put it a drainage pipe to run from the gutters around the retaining wall and eventually it will water my fun flower bed that will line the retaining wall.

You can see the pipe just barely on the left under the spicket.
Not this wall, but the one we will build that will go to the driveway from this one.  :)  Yes, more digging is in my future, but that's okay with me. My wonderful husband and I are building our home (we are actually remodeling this one) together.

Once we got enough dirt in front of the deck we put the concrete table-top, I mean step down.  :)

Fun times and memories with our families.  His parents were able to come help with the deck (see this post), and now my mom is coming for a week to help texture the walls and maybe paint if we have time.  Our parents have been a tremendous help along with some friends too.

During a break from digging, we also put up my swing!!  Yippee!  His dad and our friend JR built the frame for me about 3 years ago and the swing used to belong to my parents.  I have already sanded and redone it once but I think it is time to show it some more love!

So, have a fabulous Tuesday because I know I am.  :)   I will be in my swing with my  honey at sundown hopefully, and deer tenderloin and veggies for dinner.  Yum yum.

Much love,
Lee Ann

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