Friday, March 4, 2011

Opinion please and Friday Fun times

Well, so far today things haven't gone quite how I planned.  I have as you will see, created some logo options that I need help choosing.  I am being straight with you when I say I tend to get distracted and have at least 3 things going at one time.  This morning I thought I would clean up the kitchen and soak some dishes while I went and moved a couple bushes in the yard before the rain sets in.  Well, I did just that, except I soaked not only the dishes but the  kitchen floor and the basement because I forgot to turn the water off!! I have a problem with being still so I tend to walk of from things and I forgot to come back until I had moved the bushes.  So, the quick little chore turned into a longer and more involved one.  I will say though, I am soooo proud we have a Craftsman wet/dry vac!!  I would still be cleaning up water if we didn't!
On a more positive note, I have been trying to develop a logo and have a few options I would like your opinion on, if you don't mind please.  So here are the four I have so far:






So which one do you like?  Also, I was considering changing the name of my blog to Markham Made.  Yea or Nay?

Well, thanks for the input and I hope everyone has a wonderful (dry) weekend!


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