Wednesday, May 4, 2011

We'll Work 'til Jesus Comes Wednesday

Well, any of you that have done any remodeling on a house or even just decided to update a few things, know exactly what I am talking about with my title.  I have to credit my MIL and her MIL with this song title.  This is what they say about our house and the work they have done already, and we have sang this lovely hymn a few times while we were working.  :)

So this will be the first of many installments on our progress remodeling our home.  Don't worry, I will try to keep it in somewhat short doses.  We will start with the beginning, when we first found our home.

My wonderful, amazing husband and I got engaged Christmas Eve 2009 and on Martin Luther King weekend we started house hunting.  Well, we looked at a lot of places and were getting pretty discouraged and then a friend told us to look at the foreclosures in the paper.  We did and found 3 or 4 to check out.  Our house was one of them.  We didn't call a realtor because we wanted to get a feel for things first.  The house had a side door unlocked (still wonder about that!) so we could sneak in and take a peak, so come join me walking around our house and what it used to look like.  :)

I believe our house was built in 1961 and they added a carport which they later turned into a screened-in porch.
The screened-in porch

 Front yard view and the front door.

The dining room area and the kitchen. 

The living room.

The 3rd bedroom and the bathroom on the main floor.

 The 2nd bedroom (check that closet!) and the 1st bedroom.

The basement stairway (love the fabulous green carpeting - NOT). 

 The first area in the basement.  It will be like a den or family room with couches, TV and a small table and chair set.  The wood stove has come in handy this year.

The doorways to the basement hall and the basement bedroom.

This was the gas furnace that was in the floor of the hallway upstairs so it protruded in the hallway in the basement.  Stay tuned for what happens to it later.

The basement bathroom and the basement bedroom.  The blue tape around the toilet is from the realty company.  They taped saran wrap around it so no one would use it since the water was turned off for the entire house.  :)

This lovely carpet was in the basement and holds surprises yet to come!!  

This picture shows what bad shape the hardwood floors were in when we got the house.

So if you are still here, yippee!  I feel like I have been through some of the work all over again just looking at these pictures.  Next week, we will start with the things we had to do to be able to live in the house much less make it pretty, but we always try to do that right? So we will be in the basement for a little bit.

Love and waggy tails,
Lee Ann

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  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog and your kind response...I pray nightly for my kids (have been since they were babies)that they be a shining light to the world--not a coincidence you used those words--thank you!! Enjoy that house of yours. Ours was built in the 1950's and we added a second story--I wish I had documented the process--good for you!