Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday Mutterings #2

What makes me smile . . .
First is definitely my amazing husband, who sometimes surprises me with breakfast in bed when we stay up too late watching episodes of Bones (and he is the one who has a job to go to!!)!!!  I could go on about him but I won’t except to say he also doesn’t mind occasional splurges like the next item on my list.
My new purse by Liz Claiborne (which was half-price, yippee!!).

Yes, it’s yellow and that is my latest obsession!!  My nails are yellow also, and the sandals I found the other day at Charlotte Russe for $10.  Now to find the belt to tie it all together (hehe).
And you can see some more things I like on my Yellow Love board on PinterestJ  Which is the next thing on my list of smile worthy items, and it is oh so addicting!!  I want to go through my bookmarks and pin them all so I have a visual of them.  J

I am really getting into vintage styled dresses.  My red dress is not vintage but to me it has that vibe.  Because of this new interest, there are two dress patterns I would like to find and make.  One is the one below I found on Sew Weekly (  Mena is sewing all of her own clothes and they are vintage styles!  You should check her out!  Look at this fabulous example!!

The other is a shirt-dress that I have seen online at times in different versions but I don’t have a single image to show you.  I am going to dig through my grandmother’s patterns and hopefully find something I can work with to get what I have pictured in my head.
The problem I have with vintage is that most of the time it costs more.  I wait for sales to buy patterns as it is so I have a hard time paying that much for patterns and then it may not be the right size.  So we will see how this turns out.  Always an adventure!!
And the last thing for today is my fun find at Goodwill, a bed tray:

As I mentioned above, Hubby and I like to watch Bones episodes at night.  Well, we don’t have cable or satellite so we watch them on the laptop via Netflix.  The laptop gets a little warm when it is on the covers so I had been looking for a tray or something to set it on but didn’t want to pay the prices I saw.  Then I found this at Goodwill for $3!! Yay!! LOVE thrift stores and being in a college town, they have some good stuff normally.  I will be updating this tray, and give it a happy look.  Can you guess what color I am going to choose???

PS Be sure and come back later this week for my very first giveaway!!  It's going to be yummy!! :)

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