Monday, May 2, 2011

Monday Mutterings

Well, I am still trying to figure out what schedule to do so for now, today will be the first Monday Mutterings.  Mostly it will be an update of my life and that entails.  Hope it's not too boring for you!

One of the reasons I have not posted as much lately is I have been starting a new business.  Well, it's a new to me business, Bowtique Expressions.  One day in Hobby Lobby (gotta love that store!), I met a lady and her cute daughter and we discovered we had a lot in common.  She was working with two other ladies making handmade dresses, bows, ribbon sculptures, headbands and flip flops and you get the idea.  They would set up a booth at festivals to sell their wares.  The lady I met made the dresses and did the sewing and she was feeling overwhelmed so they invited me to join them.  Yippee!!  Well, apparently things were more overwhelming for her than we realized because she has decided to take a break for awhile and that has left the sewing to me.

So things have been quite busy for me and the other two ladies.  I have had orders for 11 dresses in 3 weeks along with a couple other things for gifts.  Most have been simple dresses, so not difficult but time consuming to figure out my work flow.  We are working on a website since most of our orders are from online.  Currently, we are using a Facebook business page.  :)

I did manage to get my "Easter" dress made last week.  Yes, it was the week after Easter but I still wanted to make it.  I made the Jaime dress by Sis Boom.  Sara over at Sew Sweetness had a sew along on her blog but I didn't get a chance to do it in her time frame.  It was very easy to follow and I had a lot of fun making it.  And since the royal wedding was happening, I got out one of my hats and donned some gloves!

On the home front, hubby and I are continuing to work on the house.  We are working in the kitchen and dining area.  With the help of family, our most recent lesson is about cabinets.  You cannot build a cabinet and then bring it in the house when you only have 1/4 inch clearance.  Happy to report we figured this one out before we put it together.  I picked out two pantry cabinets that are 96 inches tall so we had to work on these before we can do the tile, which is what we are working towards.  :)  We have a little demo to do first.  And yes, I love this part!! I even have my very own sledge hammer!! (and yes I can use it!! haha)
My MIL and BIL working on the pantry cabinets.  They rock!!

Well I think that is enough for the first time.  I don't want to mutter too much! I can talk a bit now and again, LOL.

Smiles and waggy tails,
Lee Ann

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