Thursday, October 24, 2013

One Year of a Sweet Little Girl

Wow! People always say time flies, but you really don't know until you have a child.  Yes, it flies, but nothing like when you are watching your child grow from a small, helpless newborn to an active 12 month old on the verge of walking.  I catch myself just sitting and wondering where did time go?  I know it just gets faster so I want to make sure I soak in every moment of our precious little girl. 
Esther has such a personality and it is definitely a people-person one right now.  Everyone talks about her being such a happy baby and she is the majority of the time.  We all  have our moments.  ;)  She loves seeing people in the stores; she just smiles and talks to them.  She likes to wave bye bye or hey to people also, but it is usually after they have turned around.  When we go get the mail in the afternoons, she waves at the cars as they pass. 
Esther loves to be active and on the move.  We have so much fun watching her explore but it does come with moments of "uh-oh."  Child-proofing cabinets and moving breakables out of reach came quickly in this house. 
Food is a love hate relationship, as it is with most babies I think.  One day she will eat everything and want more, the next day, she isn't interested in anything at all.  :)  We are trying to branch out and eat more things, but sometimes it is a little hard to find dairy-free options.  Bananas are out best friend right now.  :)  Apples usually work too.
Esther loves being outside!  She will pull her carrier down and bring it to me to go outside walking and now we have a wagon she got for her birthday and she loves riding in it.  We took it to the pumpkin patch and she just sat there and looked around and had a ball.  Just don't stop before she is ready to stop, which doesn't happen!  :)
It still doesn't seem right that Esther is one year old today, but we will celebrate and have fun going to visit daddy.  Later we will have some more cake we saved from Saturday, but for now it is nap time.  Nap time is still the time where mommy nurses and rocks her sweet little girl.  She is still my little baby for a little while longer.  She will always be my baby but she won't want to be held and rocked much longer so I am going to soak up these moments and treasure them.  Later we will play and have a big time, but for now it is mommy time, I mean nap time. 

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