Saturday, August 24, 2013

Motherhood has taken over

Well, my little bundle is 10 months old today!  Where has the time gone?  I only wish I knew.  She is starting to crawl and zooming around in her walker, trying finger foods and breaking our hearts every day.  By breaking them I mean making them explode with love!  It is amazing!!  It is also tiring and time management has gone out the window for me.  Last year I did a Bible study named, "I used to be Organized," and I thought I would have it together. HA HA HA  All mothers know the humility that comes with becoming a mother.  If only we knew what we thought we did before we had children! :)
I haven't blogged in awhile but I have decided to start back.  My posts may be simple and short or they may be long-winded (I have discovered a couple of topics that are a big deal to me.).  They will probably be irregular  but I think I will enjoy doing them this way.  No pressure in other words.  We moms definitely don't need any more pressure!
So I will leave you with Esther's newest trick (as in this morning).  She used to lay in the pack n play and roll around and play, well you can see for yourself, those days are a thing of the past!

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